New Website!

Heeeeeey guys, 
long time didnt see, but now Pradasims is back!:D But we moved to!
All Sims 3 downloads are also available there and soon there will be CC for Sims 4 too!:)
Lets start a new and amazing website! Visit us! :)

4 Kommentare :

  1. Hi could you give us the sim (blonde) from ? :))) wb

  2. Your link to your new site doesn't work, just so you know. It ports to some place that's impossible to get by, that says where did you come from to get here or some horse crap like that.

  3. Hey Justin. I hope all is well with you. When I started playing the sims3 you were one of the first content creators that I downloaded from and I was hooked. Please come back to the sims community. I know you have a life outside of the sims but please consider coming back. We miss you!


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