Working on a whole Collection -.-

I will create a new Collection : Everything in White!!

11thJuly2011 (2:50pm in Germany) : Start to create new chlotes!
                     (3:29pm) : I have finish the first dress :))
                     (4:06pm) : I have finish the second dress too
                     (4:12pm) : Photoshoot with both. Tomorow i will create 3 dresses^^ . Expected to be published on 14th of July. See u!
12thJuly2011 (3.12pm in Germany) : Finished the third dress.
                     (3.50pm ) : Photoshoot with it. Tomorow i must create 4 or 5 more dresses. See U
13thJuly2011 (7.17pm  in Germany) : Finiseh 4 new dresses. I have make photos with all.
                     In the Collection called ´´earth`` are included now 7 dresses and one eyeshadow.Tomorow i will create one eyeliner.Then im finish with the whole set :)

So you can download the whole set in one .rar file tommorow (14th of July)

#and something what i have to say
Some poeple say to me that FS2.0 are not shown in the Launcher.
I will create a .sim file
You can download it on 15th of July

and coffeeshop. the new communtiy by Pradasims open on 17th July

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  1. Looking forward to it!
    How on earth do you create clothes?:-)


  2. i create chlothes with gimp,photoshop and TSR Worshop.

  3. Oh wow, I've tried that. It's hard! You are very good, keep up with the good work (-;


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