How I play Sims 3!

Have you ever ask how I play Sims 3?

I play with my little family in Twinbrook
My man Dustin
really hot

and his son Leo

How cutee <3

Dustin have a girlfriend (Not the mum of Leo)

and some family photos

My man Dustin work as professional athlete

and a pool party

and Dustins dad....LOL
What do you think about my sims 3 life?

6 Kommentare :

  1. Damn Dustin is hot and Leo is such a cutie. The girlfriend's hot too, but I still say Dustin is SMOKING HOT!

  2. Your game is amazing just a life of fashion and style So fine!!!!

  3. Wow! Great sims! And oh.....Dustin!!!! SEXY!!!! Cool place. And Leo he is so so cute!

  4. Hello
    I love your content :D
    I was wondering if you can put your sim Dustin for download?

  5. ^thank you:)
    If you want Dustin you can download Leonardo and change the hairstyle. Its the same:)


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