Request, Stealing textures and more...

Hello I´m Justin
today I want tell you some stuff about Pradasims and the future...

I get always any request per Emails but NEVER do requests!
So never ask me for requests.

Some boys and girls are asking me why I dont upload everthing to Mediafire (e.g.The Special Versions...)
Thats easy :
  • is paying me when poeple download my stuff. So you are donate for me if you download from without any pay.

Last month I see a site which show suff from me and from other creators.
That´s OK but he had copy the download link and changed the link into a link = is paying him when he change the url. So he is earning money with stuff from other creators.
I have contacted him and he deteled my stuff from his page.
If any body do this too tell me please.

At the last moths I see some similar dresses than mine but today my friend Sara tell me that Gaga Store have steal my textures. I got very angryy!! He/she dont asked me and he/she didnt give any credit.
At the picture u can see : On the left GS´s versions and on the right the originals by me.
Sara had emailed to Gaga Store.
So everthing and every stuff by Pradasuns is copyrighted and all right reserved by me!!!
If you want use my meshes or textures than ask me!

Okay I think thats was everything what I wanted to tell.
Thank you ;)

1 Kommentare :

  1. Some people is lazy to do anything even use other people's nose to breath --"
    That doesn't right!!!
    Anyway I do love your stuff and only get them by download from you :)
    Now I do understand why you use those host, and then I just realized that why the other pay site won't do something like you have done.
    I think most people will absolutely appreciated to donate by that way :D


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