The Next Fashion Artist - Competition!

NFA is a new competition : Augusto and I am going to search a new clothing creator for Sims 3!

The NFA got 6 rounds. Every round got a topic (e.g. Gown)
 Every competitor got 1 week time to create a clothing and take a photo.
After we got the pictures, we rate them (1-10 points) and comment  them.
Of course there is then the voting. So you can also give points : 1 vote is 1 point.

 From the 4th round, there are battles. The competitors create against each other!
He/she with the fewest points at the end of a week, lost the competition.
At the end we got a winner. He/she is the ''Next Fashion Artist 2012''

Are you interested?

2 Kommentare :

  1. Nice ! i Love the idea ! I join.. ! I can not wait until the starting'' !! ;DD

  2. I want to join!! But I don't know how to mesh or anything yet xD;; any advice?


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