Going to Turkey! Pradasims on vacations!

Heey guys!!! OMG i am so excited! I am going to Turkey for 5 weeks!!  Vacation in Istanbul and Antalya!
I just wanna tell you that, i am gone,because there wont be any updated here :( But i will be back again!:)
I also made pradasims.com "adfly´ed" :D So i mean that when you visit pradasims you will come to ad.fly and wait 5 seconds and then you come to pradasims. But dont have fear, when i am back from Turkey i am going to detele the adfly thing on the beginnig :)
So now i wanna show you some photos of turkey!:D lol


So, Goodbye everyone and thank you for all your support and everything! See u in 5 weeks! I will miss you!:*

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  3. I think you will like Turkey. Istanbul is very beautiful in Ramadan :)

  4. Schönen Urlaub wünsch ich dir :) ♥

  5. Welcome to the my country Turkey.I'm sure you will like it.:)

  6. Hoşgeldin. :D Geç oldu ama. :D

  7. I just saw,u came to Turkey, Welcome :D (Sorry bad enlish :D )

  8. Hi i have to see the picture of Istanbul and some of the picture is crazy..?!?! Can you say me please, where the photos of turkey are from ? website or..? look at the 6. Picture you something like eyes in the lights ..mr sizzo

    1. yea i got it from the internet:D just google it:D i dont know what the eye like things are:D


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