Maldivian Dream! Maldives Houses

Hey guys!:) Today I am sharing a house with you!:D No clothing hihihi:D I made this some months ago just for me but some people asked me on facebook and email if i can share it so now i do:D I made this on Sunlit Tides but you can use it in every world of course:):D Its a 64x64 lot and i let me inspired by the maldivian houses on water:) I hope you like it:) You need patch 1.55 to put it on water:) I got Pets EP, Island Paradise EP, University Life EP, Seasons EP, Late Night EP and Showtime EP so the furniture are from these packs :D I didnt looked extacly which EP you need but at least you dont need any EP, just patch 1.55 for the base house:) So eeeeeeeeennnnnnjoooooooooyyyyyyyyyy!:)))

oh and this new adfly thing when you just open the homepage is just for testing :):D

So here is your maldivian dream:

Your house :
An idea how you could place the lot :

Hope you like it!



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  1. The pics are amazing, especially those with the rising sun. I love the idea of housing on the water and the tropical theme is very inspiring:)

  2. Wow,
    i love this!
    Thank you so much.

  3. cool,sieht echt klasse aus aber deine Klamotten sind viel um tausendmal besser!(damit mei ich dass das Haus schön ist aber die Klamotten besser...)
    ...nicht dass du denkst dass das haus blöd ist...

  4. The house is amazing but Adfly is annoying. A year ago, it was once here and there, now some of you are putting it everywhere. You should give the choice and not force it. Is the need for money that big that you'd have to link your homepage to adfly and make us wait twice to download your things? Linking the actual downloads wasn't enough already? It is true that with only 4$ per 1000 clicks (depending in which country you live that is) the more adfly you link, the better it is for your wallet... but where there's abuse, I find ways. Greed is never good. By-passed. No spam, no insult. Just the truth. Stop the abuse.

    1. Install Adblock plus, how can u browse without Adblocker? Anoying.

    2. ABP ain't gonna help with Also, some sites require that you turn off ABP. like mod the sims or put them on the whitelist.

    3. I agree wit you on the matter. Lots of folks are complaining about sites as tsr and newsea, who directly ask money for downloads and stating that they don't do such things and downloads will be free all the time. But in the meantime some of them use Quite pathetic if you ask me, cause at the end it's the same as what those paysites do, but then through a backdoor. Jennisims use it, nygirl, some of those russian sites and our friend justin over here too. Juliana (the one from ace creators) use it too, but she gives you a choice at least of use or direct link.
      I wonder what happened in the course of the years. Lately people become more greedy. There is no other single community where there is so much hate and greed as with the sims, which actually don't have a real community. It makes me sad to see such things. Within the TES community everything is free, even no If i download something for Morrowind there is no or asking money. Neverwinter Nights same. And the mods for those games are even more complex.

  5. So, I am just wondering if there is a way to make it so you can own all of the different house thingies! Respond if u know! Thanks!


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