New Shoes

Hi guys!
Today I have a new pair of shoes for females!
Its got 2 versions -> With and without rivets
Hope u like it!:D

YA/A Females
3 recolourable areas
2 Versions / Rivets in silver and golden
Custom mesh by Pradasims

9 Kommentare :

  1. Nice work!! I luv this!! Thank you!!

  2. Hi Justin! Look here I am again. haha I loved the shoe, will combine with a vinyl leggings I saw. Saw your blog're gorgeous ^ - ^ So, just wanted to make a request .. I love the Louis Vuitton brand and wanted to see the heart of the new collection items, and past collections made ​​for The Sims. It has little of the LV for The Sims 3, and saw that you do Versace. Kisses, and sorry for my bad English Google Translator .. Bye =)

  3. ^Hi Lully!
    First thank you:) but I dont take any request. Sorry! But I will make a Louis Vuitton clothing for sure!:D But I dont know when...

  4. Yesh I found them, I have been searching high and low for these shooooeeesss! <3

  5. What hair style is that from the picture, can I download it somewhere?


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