H&M Stuff Pack - Cover,picture and website!

Hey guys,

this time I wanna show you the cover of ´´The Sims 3 H&M Stuff by Pradasims`` :D Maybe you see it yesterday at Facebook:D So here it is : 



Yes, I spent hours to create the cover!:D It was difficult but i really love it!

Now the first official picture (okay,maybe you saw it on FB some days ago...) :

And now the official website : The Sims 3 H&M Stuff by Pradasims

At the moment there is not sooo many....:D But I am building it.

And here you got a potato for the boring post :

13 Kommentare :

  1. Thanks for the potato,bro.

  2. ok ok... Thanks for the potato...
    and i'm really anxious for this pack!!!thanks!

  3. Antworten
    1. I know :D I dont added the follow-thing because i will not post anthing there. Everthing will be in subpages:D but maybe i add it later :p

  4. Omg i love it *.*

    its for free ?? :)

  5. OMG love the dress, I hope you decide to make this set free, money is tight these days... but I love the style any way.

  6. Love the outfits. It's a shame you couldn't sell the game.


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