No downloads for a while

Hey guys!

I´m Justin and today I just wanna tell to you that I will not publish anything this month. Maybe 1 or 2 things.


1) I am working on the H&M Stuff Pack. Its a really hard-core project because I have to create many clothings and funiture for H&M Stores in your sims 3 towns :) To get the newest H&M Stuff Pack news just ''Like'' the PS FB page!

2) I will start to play Sims 3 again. I know its sounds crazy but I didnt play sims 3 for months. Because as a creator you haven'nt got any time to play it. You just create something, then take pictures and publish it and then its time to create something other. So I just created and dont played the game :D And HoneyballLP's ''Lets Play Sims 3'' inspired me to play the game again!

3) Laziness Level over 9000

We see us again in some days....or weeks :)

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  1. I totaly know what you mean I am also a creator and I agree, create-> go to the game to see if it works properly-> take pictures-> publish-> and start over the chain again xD so I hope you can finally enjoy your game again (the first thing I did wen I got time to play was moving out of Bridgeport and move to Twinbrook xD so sick of big cities xD)

  2. I agree, i don't create wonderful clothes as yourself but i like creating Sims, perhaps too many. I find myself opening my game and making about five Sims a day, taking shots closing my game. I haven't played since I got Showtime. I did play for like two hours yesterday but then the urge to make more Sims got a hold of me and i found myself once again in the CAS screen. Enjoy playing your game ^_^

  3. I just recently starting playing the game again too ! & It made me realize how much I really missed it :/ .
    Well have fun with your game !! (:


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